Eurorack Mini Bus Power Supply – 1250mA ( +/-12V , +5v)

8,000.00 (inc IGST 18%)

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The ModularAnalog Eurorack Mini Bus power supply is a combination of a power supply and a busboard with twelve 16 pin connectors for Eurorack modules.

Its sleek design occupies only 28cm x 4cm and is less that 3cm high! making it idea for compact skiffs and cases where inner-case space is a premium.

simple to install and can be powered by a simple 12v/2A DC adapter.

Technical Specifications

  • Current supplied : 1250mA
  • -12, +12 and +5 volt
  • Robust and certified Meanwell DC to DC converter module
  • 3x Indicator LED’s
  • 12 x 16 pin eurorack module connectors


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